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How Does It Work?

Press Release Submission

With Grand News Network, distributing press releases is a breeze. With our straightforward processes and robust media networks, you can now increase brand recognition and make the buzz. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Alias aliquam assumenda consectetur culpa debitis deleniti doloribus ea earum enim ex exercitationem facere fugiat illo illum in ipsam ipsum odit perferendis possimus quae quam, quidem recusandae repellat repellendus sapiente sequi soluta totam vel voluptas voluptatem. Accusantium amet architecto maxime. Aliquid animi asperiores assumenda cum debitis distinctio doloremque doloribus ducimus eaque, et impedit in iste itaque, laborum minima modi nam non optio pariatur placeat quae quasi quia, quidem reiciendis rem repudiandae unde vel. Eius esse eveniet exercitationem, inventore iusto laboriosam magnam nostrum omnis praesentium temporibus, tenetur unde. Aliquid cumque deleniti illum mollitia, quae repudiandae rerum! Adipisci dolore eveniet perferendis tenetur. Asperiores enim, repudiandae? Consequatur delectus dolorem eaque eligendi enim est eum expedita, fugiat in, incidunt iure, necessitatibus omnis qui! Exercitationem ipsam, molestias? A animi, atque delectus dignissimos expedita ipsum iure neque non optio perferendis placeat provident quia quidem ullam unde vel voluptate!. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Dolor dolore error incidunt ipsa numquam odio, pariatur perferendis quam repellendus saepe sed sequi similique sit soluta tempora vel voluptatum! Aliquid, culpa dolorum illo magni molestias nostrum quod totam? Ad dolore eaque in, quis saepe tenetur voluptatum?

how we work

To promote your brand, follow these four simple steps:

To Promote Your Brand, Follow These Four Simple Steps:


Press Release Submission

Your PR will be manually reviewed and marked as APPROVED. It takes us around an hour to review You may submit your content for maximum exposure for as little as $xx! Create and post your releases with ease. Within one year of purchasing, use them whenever you need to. When you're ready, purchase more distribution credits.

Editors' Approval

Your PR will be manually reviewed and marked as APPROVED. It takes us around an hour to review and evaluate releases for publication—Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and 6 hours overnight and on weekends. If a press release is not scheduled, it will be distributed immediately. They will be broadcast on the date, time, and time zone you choose if they are planned.



Keep track of all your placements. The distribution report will be displayed on your dashboard and sent to you after 2 hours. Your press release is now available on prominent newswires, search engines, and social media platforms: Your release is now displayed to millions of individuals who use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and other platforms. You've gained search visibility, connected to journalists, and been featured in the media. Your press release was also directly distributed to the world's leading newswires and media newsrooms.


You, too, can go viral! Connect to our power grid as a distribution network to meet your communication objectives! With Grand News Network following services, You, too, can go viral!

  • Obtain publicity on news websites that cover a variety of industries and countries throughout the world.
  • You may have access to all the leading news sources and wire services.
  • Newspapers should be approached, as well as media influencers.
  • SEO benefits and long-term search engine exposure
  • You can send news releases in whatever language you wish.
  • Budget options that are both affordable and cost-effective.